Stolen Bikes Database - S.F. Bay Area

The Stolen Bikes DB is a website where bike owners can post when and where their bike was taken. If you had a bike stolen enter your information into the Database using the form link below. Hopefully your fellow cyclists will help you recover it. To all the cyclists, feel free to browse through the database of stolen bikes, and please contact the owner if you have seen their bike! These stolen bike locations have been geocoded to illustrate areas where the thieves are attacking. If you spot a bike at a flea market or on the street, you can leave an anonymous tip using the link below so that maybe it can be returned to the proper owner. For more information on how to better protect your other bikes, check out locking strategy using the link below. Also, click on the SF Bike Coalition Tag at the bottom of page, they have great local locking tips and what to do after your bike gets stolen. If you have any questions or comments about the database, send me an e-mail by using the contact link or

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